What Is Assessment Agreement

Contract of evaluation or submission of a special evaluation, requirements – maximum assessment, right to pledge, when, right of preemption, when. – 1st Greenroads pilot project: If your field is a pilot project, your project has the right to present a Greenroads pilot logo for three (3) years after the completion of the evaluation and execution of the sublicensing contract. If your area of evaluation contains voting secrets, this provision applies. Confidential notices are absolutely confidential and you will prevent disclosure of information and results, as well as greenroads. You agree that information, documents and data resulting from the Greenroads evaluation, including, but not exclusively, Greenroads` evaluations and/or evaluation points, cannot be disclosed or made public outside your company or organization, in whole or in any capacity, in the long term, in the long term, being reproduced, reproduced or published. Greenroads will not disclose or use any of your project data, except for internal development purposes to promote Greenroads International`s mission. Since the project is confidential, you may not be entitled to use Greenroad`s intellectual property, trademarks, logos or business names in your project. If your project is subsequently subject to certification, the confidentiality of this provision will be removed, unless a separate agreement between Greenroads and Yourself is concluded in writing. You may have signed other agreements with Greenroads for registration, services or other means.

These agreements are maintained and you have an obligation to comply with the rules, rules, obligations and conditions that apply to them. To the extent that this agreement is in conflict with an earlier agreement, the conflict is resolved in favour of the provisions of that agreement. Greenroads® and all logos (the “logos”) are registered and unfiled trademarks and protected trademarks of Greenroads International. The website and policies are subject to copyright.

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