Podcast Network Agreement

That`s good advice. I`m thinking of joining a podcasting network, and it helped me make a decision. Thank you! 25.1 If you subscribe to a subscriber service, you have the right to terminate that contract after you have placed your subscription with the company. Once the subscription period of your contract is over, you can cancel your subscription with the company, as stated in such an agreement or as stated on the website. Focus on what your podcast and skills can offer. If your grief yoga advisor podcast has 250 downloads per month, you don`t want to get close to Maximum Fun. If you find a network you like, you listen to some of the shows on that network. Are your audio styles complementary? Are your values similar? How are your podcasts similar and different? Contracts are a good thing to have in place, but it`s important that you actually read them and fully understand what you`re agreeing to by joining a podcast network. A clear and concise co-host/owner, co-creator, co-producer or multi-ownership contract is a must in the production of podcasts and must be formulated and signed in advance so that all parties have a mutual understanding of their roles. This includes all rights and owners to avoid any misunderstanding. A podcast network records a selection of podcasts and aggregates them based on theme, genre or ownership and uses the collective audience for cross-promotion and podcast opportunities. A podcast-gastvertrag is needed to make your guest understand the rules for recording in your podcast. Legal errors from the outset can be avoided by the simple execution of a binding, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand legal contract, but one that covers all important issues.

5. WNYC Studios: Although technically no podcast network, this radio station is working to merge the two media into this new era of digital audio. WNYC organizes on-demand radio programs in the United States such as Radiolab, Snap Judgement and NPR, American Public Media and the BBC. But it`s not as easy or beneficial to launch a network as it may seem. From the examples of Radiotopia (99% Invisible, The Allusionist, Everything Is Alive, etc.) and Multitude (Spirits, HORSE, Join the Party, etc.) we`ll take a look at what makes a network beneficial for you and for the handset. The most important question you need to ask yourself is whether a podcast network actually benefits your show or whether you can better achieve your goal on your own. According to PodcastOne, which is itself a podcast network, “a podcast network is a collection of podcasts produced, distributed or made available to advertisers on a single company or network.” Changing podcast hosts means you lose your show scans and you may switch to a host you don`t like. Wondery presents 74 podcasts ranging from real crime to entertainment, business and personal growth. Wondery doesn`t produce all these shows, but they vouch for them. Some of the world`s most popular podcasts belong to a podcast network – but what exactly does that mean? If you join a podcast network, you should enter into a contract. If you are invited to join a podcast network without a contract, it is a red flag. The other main way podcasts in a network supports each other financially.

Sometimes that can be clear. Some podcast hosting services calculate z.B a subscription plan, but may have several different RSS feeds. Some bill supplements separately. It can be difficult. In addition, shows within podcast networks benefit from the association and increased marketing performance of the network itself.

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