Individual Employment Agreement Secondary Teachers

3.15.2 Provided that the Minister of Education may authorize additional conditions of employment if these conditions are not inconsistent with the terms of the collective agreement. (g) are not eligible for the initial allowance for the teacher`s time, produced in point 3.8 of this agreement. During each supernumerary job, a teacher is entitled to wage increases or increases due. 3.8.1 Beginners trained in the first year (i.e. the first four consecutive years) who work full-time have a fee of 0.8 for school staff, but they receive full pay and may not have more than 20 hours per week during the normal length of schooling. Beginners trained in the first year (i.e., the first four consecutive years), who are less than full-time but who work for 0.5 or more full-time employees, receive 0.1 FTTE. These time allowances are used to advise and guide. You can use our employment contract manufacturer to establish an employment contract for your employees that meets your organization`s requirements. Executives are responsible, on behalf of the Agency, for the management of security in their respective areas of expertise. (a) the goals and aspirations of the Maori; and (b) Maori employment requirements and (c) the need for greater Maori involvement in the education service; and 7.8.5 For workers who are already entitled to long-term leave under previous collective agreements (see Article 13 of the basic conditions), this provision will not reduce that right, nor will this provision allow for the doubling of rights (for example. B periods of service for long-term leave, granted under different provisions, cannot be counted twice).

Casual workers: – means that a worker employed by the agreement means that the nature of the relationship is an occasional employment relationship “if necessary”. The employer advises the employee when he wishes to work (although there is no obligation for the worker to work if the worker wishes, yet another obligation for the employer to offer a job to the employee). A working relationship between the parties exists only during periods when the worker works for the employer by appointment and no employment relationship applies outside of these periods. This part of the agreement defines the conditions of employment of a teacher, including the appointment and termination process, some time allowances for certain roles, procedures for behaviour and competence, overstaffing and much more.

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