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Fred then had Jess sign a white label agreement. The agreement states that Jess Fred will provide its vegan health products. The products are packaged in the same way as Fred`s own products and have his logo and brand name above the packaging. Many software companies offer white label software to agencies or other customers, including the ability to resell the software under the customer`s brand. This usually requires features such as adapting the visual appearance of the software, multi-client management and automatic billing to end customers based on usage parameters. You are required to white-label the Services as part of the White Label Reseller Program or to provide your own brand and use the generic URL (websiteauditserver.com) as the access URL for resold accounts. Most supermarket brand products are offered by companies that sell to multiple supermarkets and only change labels. In addition, some manufacturers create low-cost generic brand labels that contain only the product name (“beer”, “cola”, etc.). Richelieu Foods, for example, is a private label food manufacturer that makes frozen pizzas, salad dressings, sauces, marinades, spices, and deli salads for other companies, including Hy-Vee, Aldi, Save-A-Lot, Sam`s Club,[6] Hannaford Brothers Co.[7], BJ`s Wholesale Club (Earth`s Pride brand), and Shaw`s Supermarkets (Culinary Circle brand). [7] Whether you are the manufacturer or the reseller, it is important to have this agreement to secure your business transactions. A white label solution agreement defines the vendor`s obligations, including the development of the solution, the service level agreement promised by the vendor, and the vendor`s warranties and disclaimers.

Another use of white labels began in the disco era on promotional copies of records. Before records were made public, often before official artwork was designed and printed, promotional copies were sent in a white case to DJs to skyrocket radio and nightclub games, create hype, and measure record companies` public interest to finally better estimate production volumes. This led to a situation where some respected or well-connected DJs had exclusive copies of material, which immediately increased the demand for some large records. [9] Some websites use white labels to allow a successful brand to offer a service without having to invest in the development of the technology and infrastructure itself. Many modern IT and marketing companies outsource white label businesses and services or use them to provide specialized services without having to invest in developing their own product. Smaller banks sometimes outsource their credit card or check processing operations to larger banks that issue and process white label credit cards, usually for a fee, allowing the small bank to mark the cards as their own without having to invest in the necessary infrastructure. For example, Cuscal Limited offers white label cards and transaction products to credit unions in Australia. Simple (formerly BankSimple) issues bank accounts and debit cards operated by The Bancorp Bank and BBVA Compass in the United States. [8] A white label solution contract defines the conditions under which a software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider and a customer work together to offer a white label solution.


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