Violation Of Release Agreement Oregon

[1973 c.836 § 150; 1991 c.111 §10; 1993 c.731§6; 1999 c.617 §3; 2013 c.151 §2] (a) Indictment of a qualified person or organization responsible for supervising the defendant and assisting the defendant in its publication in court. Supervision is not required to be financially responsible for the defendant or lose money if the defendant does not appear in court. However, the review shall immediately inform the court if the defendant violates the parole. (a) is contrary to any of the provisions of the declassification agreement under ORS 135.260; or (c) If a notice and an opportunity to hear have been given to the defendant, the court shall also include, where appropriate, in the agreement the conditions and findings referred to in point 18.C. 922 (d) (8) and (g) (8) are sufficient to impair the defendant`s ability to possess firearms and ammunition or to carry out activities with firearms. 1. In the event of conditional dismissal, a superior of a defendant who knowingly assists the defendant in breach of parole or does not knowingly declare the defendant`s offence shall be liable to non-compliance. (2) (a) In addition to the conditions set out in paragraph 1 of this section, where the accused is charged with an offence that also constitutes domestic violence, the court shall include in the release agreement as a condition that the accused not contact the victim of the violence. The accused signed a release agreement in which he accepts the conditions set out for remaining at large for the duration of his criminal proceedings. Pre-trial release is monitored by the Union/Wallowa County Release Officer until the decision on a case is seized….

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