Tki Consortium Agreement

Daarnaast tellen private bijdragen van ANBI`s (goededoeleninstellingen) in onderzoeksprojecten me. De toeslag ist 25% van de ANBI-bijdrage. From bijdrage van ANBI`s is gemaximeerd: voor alle projecttoeslagaanvragen samen is een ceiling van € 8 miljoen per openstellingsperiode. verleent de projecttoeslagaanvragen puts ANBI-bijdragen op volgorde van volledige aanvragen totdat said ceiling is bereikt. Those of you considering a proposal and a private partner you would like to work with are invited to pre-register with the form and budget below by November 20. In addition, a declaration of intent from each private partner is required at this stage (see presentation below). De hoogte van de PPS-projecttoeslag is 30% van de (cash) private bijdrage aan onderzoeksinstellingen in het project. Voor de eerste € 20,000 private bijdrage geldt een verhoogd prozentsatz van 40%. Die eerste € 20,000 mag ook een in natura private bijdrage aan de onderzoeksinstelling zijn (bijvoorbeeld als de onderzoeksinstelling een apparaat van een bedrijf mag gebruiken, dan kan de waarde van de gebruiksuren opgevoerd als in natura privatejdrage worden). De hoogte van de private bijdrage moet wel in een samenwerkingscontract vastliggen, ook de in natura bijdrage. Please download the TKI-LSH Match Call Description below and learn more about Match Call and requirements for PPP Allowance applications.

Or contact the office (via for more information or support in the application process. With our current match call, PPPs are invited to apply for a PPP allowance. The proposed project proposals should contribute to one of the five missions proposed by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and be explained in detail in the LSH`s 2020-2023 advanced sector knowledge and innovation programme. All applications are evaluated by an evaluation committee at two defined times per year and the LSH Board of Directors decides whether an application should be met. In 2020, the deadlines for submitting applications are March 18 and October 7. Top Sector Life Sciences – Health (LSH) supports innovative research and development through public-private partnerships (PPPs) of the Dutch LSH sector. The state-of-the-art sector brings stakeholders together in a common and consolidated innovation infrastructure. Through the PPP allocation, the high-end sector provides a financial instrument to help consortia, consisting of research organizations, knowledge institutes, companies and health foundations, implement their innovative ideas. Verwacht u een geldelijke bijdrage van private partijen om de kosten van onderzoek en ontwikkeling te dekken? Says kan PPS-toeslag opleveren. Deze toeslag moet weer im het projekt terugkomen.

The consortium agreement (also below) is available in slightly different variants depending on the number of industrial and/or academic partners. So far, we have only provided a 1-on-1 version. Please tell your industry partners about this draft consortium agreement at an early stage to allow your partners to familiarize themselves with the conditions they must accept once your joint application has been awarded. On September 30, IXA organized a weinar to explain in more detail the purpose of the grant, the requirements and the timetable and process. You can download the presentation of this webinar here or see the webinar below. Voor het inzetten van projecttoeslag wallen diverse voorwaarden. More information on the definitions of the P3 Authorization Regulation? Visit the RVO (Dutch) website. For those of you who are not familiar with TKI grants and PPP proposals, please click here to download the TKI-PPP flyer in which we explain all the shortcuts, details of the grant procedure, evaluation of proposals and the origin of the money.

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