Status Of Tpp Agreement

The original agreement was ratified by Japan and New Zealand. “This is another wake-up call for the United States,” said Wendy Cutler, vice president of the Asia Society Policy Institute and a long-time U.S. trade agent who participated in the TPP negotiations. “Now you have two mega-agreements in the region, and both will lead to greater integration between the members of these different blocs.” Ken Akamatsu, creator of the Japanese manga series Love Hina and Mahou Sensei Negima!, expressed concern that the agreement could decimate the Djinshi(self-published) works that predated Japan. Akamatsu argued that the TPP would “destroy D-Jinshi. And it would also reduce the power of the entire manga industry. [114] Dean Baker argued that Section 18.78, which was intended to ensure that countries protect trade secrets and bring criminal prosecutions to offenders, could be used to enforce non-competition agreements. [211] Baker points out that California`s success is due in part to the state`s failure to authorize the application of non-compete agreements, which has allowed technology workers to give up their jobs and work for another company. [211] Japan`s main competition in the region is China, both of which have polar views on how Southeast Asia`s economy should develop. [Citation required] Before the TPP, Japan sought supremacy by creating the Asian Monetary Fund (MFA), which the United States blocked. Until 2011, Japan reached a cooperation agreement with China and Korea, known as the PRC-Japan-Republic of Korea Free Trade Agreement, also known as the CJK Free Trade Agreement, which did not include Japan`s intention to use the People`s Republic of China map to relocate TPP negotiations off Japan`s agenda with U.S. support. [60] Ratification in Japan required political reforms that shifted some authority from the Ministry of Agriculture to the Prime Minister.

[61] On 9 December 2016, a decision on participation was taken in the House of Representatives and the closure of national ratification procedures at the treaty`s custodian (New Zealand) was the first country to be ratified on 20 January 2017. [62] For the United States, the future remains uncertain.

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