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Take the time to check the site agreement and make sure it is illegal for a park owner to intimidate or try to intimidate an owner to terminate a website agreement. Form 2 – Site Agreement (PDF, 283KB) Park owners and managers use this form to enter into an agreement on the site. It is a crime for a park owner to include a special prohibited clause in a location agreement. Any party to a location agreement can submit an order request to QCAT regarding a proposed change. If the potential owner/buyer terminates the transfer contract during the cooling-off period, the transfer of the owner`s interest is deemed revoked. They are not required to pay the owner a sum based on the amount that must otherwise be paid under the contract. Form 14 – Utility Cost Note (PDF, 156 KB) Use this communication to inform of a change in local rent due to a change in circumstances related to incidental costs. Owners/managers cannot pay in addition to renting for the conservation of monuments, but parking rules may include reasonable requirements for site maintenance. Form 3A – Termination of the location agreement by the owners during the cooling-off period (PDF, 106 KB) Use this form to terminate a site contract during the cooling-off period.

The Queensland Law Society maintains a list of lawyers with expertise in manufactured host parks. See or phone 1300 367 752. At the end of a short-term lease, a new contract must be entered into if the tenant wishes to stay. A short-term lease can be renewed for a period of 42 days, but only once. If the lease is renewed again, it becomes by law a long-term lease agreement that must be written and which has different rules, such as. B longer termination times, for example. The procedure for increasing land rents has changed in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. Under the new regime, market rent increases will be limited for the period from March 19 to December 31, 2020. In the case of a short-term lease, no written lease is required. However, there must be a brief declaration of tenancy confirming that both parties have entered into a short lease. If you want to terminate a construction contract because you want to use the residential area for other purposes, you can apply for QCAT for a termination order.

The Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008 applies to leases for caravans, caravans, barges and rented homes.

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