Scottish Water Wholesale Services Agreement

The Consumer Council for Water is the independent representative of water consumers in England. Scottish Water conducts byelaws inspections with businesses to ensure water and plumbing pipes are up to date. The Scottish Government has been encouraged to deregulate the retail market by allowing non-domestic water consumers to take advantage of the effects of competition, i.e. wider choice, better service and higher value. You will find more information about our services in our terms and conditions of sale. All changes to our rates will take effect from April 1 of each new fiscal year, i.e. if your bill contains services prior to that date, the costs of these services will be allocated according to the corresponding forecast taxes that will charge you the corresponding rates for each fiscal year. Scottish Water, a water wholesaler and infrastructure owner, was unable to do so, and was created as a separate organisation to compete with other suppliers in the newly opened retail market. Business Stream being a new water distributor created directly by Scottish Water, many steps have been taken to give us an unfair advantage over other new retailers. In particular, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland Business Stream has done the following three tests to make sure we operate on arm length from Scottish Water: if your company is at risk of polluting the water supply, maybe you are making something, scottish Water will probably visit your website to check your plumbing work and process. The Central Market Agency (CMA) records which customers are served by which licensed provider.

The CMA calculates the wholesale rates to be paid for each point of supply. Details of the wholesale price calculation method are available on the CMA website. The CMA publishes preliminary and voting billing reports that we use to calculate our fees. We charge payments due by or to each licensed provider. We then issue invoices and voting excerpts accordingly. Payment terms can be entered into the Wholesale Services Agreement. If you are not satisfied with the result provided by WATRS, you can contact Ofwat. Ofwat are the economic regulator of the water sector in England, they are a non-ministerial governmental authority. Our ability to pass all three tests was recognized in the awarding of our water and sanitation licences. If you are not satisfied with the CCWater result, you can contact the Water Industry Redress System (WATRS). WATRS independently settles disputes between customers and water and sanitation companies in England.

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