Bargaining Council Main Collective Agreement

Please note that BCRCAT is authorized to enforce its agreements in accordance with Section 33A of the LRA. The BCRCAT has appointed officers who are required by the LRA and the collective agreement to monitor and enforce compliance. The legal service advises employers and workers on complex work-related issues, such as actions, redress procedures and reductions. The parties to the BCRCAT are bound by collective agreements. Once a collective agreement is reached, the parties to the BCRCAT may ask the Minister of Labour, pursuant to Section 32, to extend the contract to non-parties (workers and employers working in the sector covered by BCRCAT but who are not parties to the BCRCAT. (Please contact BCRCAT representatives or Council offices to recover the agreements in exchange for a fee and obtain a return to see if you are affiliated as a small employer or employee) This means that the conditions are binding for the parties who have entered into the collective agreement and for other employers and workers in this sector. The collective agreement will enter into force on the second Monday following the date of publication of this notice and for the period up to February 28, 2022. Once an agreement has been extended to non-parties, all companies and employees within the scope of the BCRCAT (geographically and sectoral) are subject to the provisions of the collective agreement. An employer who is not a party to the BCRCAT but is covered by the provisions of the BCRCAT may apply for a waiver from the provisions of the collective agreement. The collective agreement signed in Johannesburg on 14 August 2019 is attached to the notice. Small employers excluded from collective agreements, particularly with regard to wages, up to a maximum rate of 10% of the prescribed rate of pay.

The collective agreement determines who is a small employer. Currently, BCRCAT has the following collective agreement with authority number 10987, as amended and displayed in these gazettes. Gazettes Numbers: #LabourNet #labourlaw #DepartmentofLabour #BargainingCouncil #RoadFreightandLogisticsIndustry not yet a LabourNet customer, but would you like to know more about our services and products? 10987 of June 8, 2008 (main agreement) with the following amendments: The Minister of Employment and Labour stated that the collective agreement for road freight transport and the logistics industry, concluded under the national collective agreement for road freight transport and the logistics industry, will be extended to non-parties.

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