Asean India Trade In Goods Agreement Pdf

(iii) in case of reasonable doubt as to the authenticity or accuracy of the document, the customs authority may suspend the preferential tariff treatment of the importing Party, pending the outcome of the review. However, it may, subject to such administrative measures as may be deemed necessary, submit the goods to the importer, provided that they are not subject to an import ban or restriction and that there is no presumption of fraud; and 5.DESCRIPTION OF GOODS: the description of the goods must be sufficiently detailed so that the goods can be identified by the customs officers examining them. Name of the manufacturer, each brand must also be indicated. (vi) the product remains under the customs control of the intermediate party, including its free trade areas and customs territories. The product must not be marketed or consumed within the intermediate part; Narrow fabrics, excluding products of heading No 12. 58.07; narrow fabrics, consisting of pots without shooting, assembled with the help of glue (bolducs). I, the undersigned, hereby declare that the above information and statements are correct; all the goods have been manufactured of `materials`: raw materials, ingredients, parts, components, sub-assemblies or goods physically incorporated into another product or subjected to a manufacturing process of another product; Bags and bags of a kind used for packing goods· insurance (facilities, equipment and materials used in the manufacture of the goods) (4) the importer of the goods subject to the verification visit; tarpaulins, awnings and blinds; tents; sailing for boats, windsurfers or land vehicles; Camping items. · Verification and verification of materials and products (d) If it is found that the products are not originating, the manufacturer/exporter must provide thirty days from the date of receipt of the written finding, written observations or additional information on the suitability of the goods for preferential tariff treatment. If it is found that the goods are still not originating, the final written declaration of the importing Party shall be communicated to the issuing authority within thirty days of receipt of the comments/additional information from the exporting producer. . .


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