Apartment Rental Agreement In The Philippines

Hello, good morning. We have a property for rent for 15,000 pesos every 1st day of the month, 1 year (June 2017 to May 2018) being signed by the tenant. But the contract has not been notarized, and the basis of the contract, if 1 month of late payment, the contract is terminated. In case of delay of the tenant in the payment of the rent, for example. B if the cheques are dishonored, the lessor may, according to his choice, terminate this contract and eject the tenant. The lessor has the right to lock the premises if the tenant is in default of payment for one (1) month and may expire the deposit or advances paid by the tenant. The tenant did not pay the rent on October 1, 2017, because he can pay the rent per tenant after receiving his salary. We informed the tenant of what was in the contract on late payment. The tenant requests payment for a total of two months over the next month on Novemener, but until receipt of the tenant`s salary, no specific date. My plan is therefore to terminate the contract, but we will give a period of three days to evacuate the house, the termination will take place on November 1st.

Is this the right thing to do? I hope you can help me, thank you. As a result, this law will continue to come into force under the supervision of the Coordinating Council of Housing and Urban Development and will set the regulation period and even rent increases each year. . . .

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