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First, there were two bilateral agreements between the Commonwealth and Victoria. Victoria`s NDIS began in 2013 with a trial in the Barwon area. The Victorian government and the Commonwealth government signed a bilateral agreement on the transition to NDIS in 2015. As a result of this agreement, NDIS launched a phased deployment to Victoria in 2016. The Commonwealth-Victoria General Regulatory Agreement came into force on July 1, 2019. An advisory council of the Victorian community is established as part of the agreement. This will give people with disabilities a permanent say in how the NDIS governs and works. Keeping our sector strong: Victoria`s staff plan for the NDIS is our plan for Victoria to have first-class disabled staff. To find out where to access the NDIS, go to the NDIS deployment site or call NDIS on 1800 800 110. Twenty-two organizations are currently funded, representing a long-term commitment by the Victorian government and the Commonwealth to the NDIS.

In addition, we have invested $26 million to reorganize Victoria`s disabled staff as part of the transition to the NDIS. (Includes $4.88 million provided by the Commonwealth Government`s NDIS Sector Development Fund.) To learn more about the context, why NDIS is important and how it works, visit the NDIS website. The Victorian government has set up the NDIS implementation task force. It includes people with disabilities and other interest groups and works to improve the NDIS. Under the NDIS, some 105,000 Victorians have access to disability services. Over the 2019-20 period, Victoria will contribute $2.52 billion to the NDIS. The Commonwealth pays for the balance of all program costs for Victorian participants. Victoria`s NDIS is co-financed by the Victorian government and the Commonwealth government: the Victorian government will continue to support the transition of the NDIS beyond June 30, 2019. This will ensure that people with disabilities are not disadvantaged and will continue to receive the services they need until they move to NDIS. Here you will find all the NDIS areas in Victoria, including local government areas, which are included in each area.

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