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NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement. SLA – Service level agreement: Deal of service level. . . . FWCA: (Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act). HCCPD Law on the Coordination of Fisheries and Wildlife: (Pentades hexachlorocyclo). Hexachloryclopentadine If we know, we will now see a list of these English terms that will be very useful to you. Remember to know if you have read them before and write down the ones that seem most relevant to you or that you could use immediately. HWLT: (Hazardous Waste Treatment).

Treatment of hazardous waste. ICB: (budget for the collection of information). Information budget of the EPACT (Environmental Policy Act) collection. Environmental Policy Act. MALD: (Fiber Optic Isolated Spherical Dipole Antenna). Antenna Dipolar Spherical Fiberglass RRP Insulated – Recommended Retail Prices: Recommended Prices for the Public. To conclude this article, a curiosity: Anglo-Saxon lawyers and jurists usually use the letter “K” as an abbreviation of contract in labor law texts. It is also used by law students to short their grades. ETA- Estimated time on arrival: estimated time of arrival. ROI – Return on investment: return on investment, profitability.

IARC: (International Agency for Research on Cancer). International Agency for Research on Cancer under GAAP: (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). Generally Accepted Accounting Principles FPPA: (Federal Pollution Prevention Act). Federal Pollution Prevention Act. . FDO: (determination of official costs). Official determination of HAZMAT quotas: (Hazardous Materials). ICIS Hazardous Substances: (Integrated Compliance Information System). Integrated Data for Enforcement Analysis (IDEA) information compliance system. Integrated data for the analysis of the implementation of the IMPACT law: (Integrated model of springs and atmospheres in complex terrain).

Integrated model for panels and atmospheres in a complex area RHM – Human Resources Manager: Personal manager. . GRAS: (generally recognized as safe). Usually known as ITRD Insurance: (Innovative Treatment Remediation Demonstration). Demonstration of innovative restoration treatments – and sq.” and ss. (abbreviation of “and next”) IPO – Initial public offering: For the first time that the shares of a private company are offered to the public. EP: (Earth Protector; Environmental Profile; Finished Product; Investigational Product; Extraction method). soil protection; the environmental profile; the finished product; the experimental product; Extraction process We often talk in the press about international organizations, but their shortcut or abbreviation can vary depending on the country where we are. In Spanish, for example, they are often formed by doubling the letters (as in “USA”) or differ from the position in relation to English due to the order of the words in each language. We will study some of the most frequently used: HECC: (House Energy and Commerce Committee).

U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Energy and Commerce She is a teacher for adults, children and teenagers at the British Council Center in Barcelona. Since 2003 he has been teaching English, mostly in Spain, but also briefly in Japan, Italy and Hong Kong.

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